Season 135, Episode 03 -"A New Baby and New Life in Katowice"
Soon-to-be parents have decided to give up their hectic lives in London and find a new home where they can focus more on free time; this Polish-British couple is looking for a spacious property in Katowice, Poland, that will fit their growing family.
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Ёффект разбитого стекла в ‘отошопе с помощью шаблона (2019) WEBRip

Ётот видеоурок будет применен с помощью шаблона в формате PSD, который создает вполне привлекательный эффект разбитого стекла, с такими вот разлетающимис€ осколками и на некоторых из таких осколке отображаетс€ отражение от главного персонажа.
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—оздаем новогодний фон в Photoshop (2019) WEBRip

ѕростой в использовании новогодний видеоурок, который поможет вашей фотографии добавить новогодний сказки. —уть самого урока заключаетс€ в том, что создана композици€ с применением шаблона, а вам всего лишь нужно добавить свою фотографию и немного адаптировать еЄ.
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Nasa's New Horizons probe notches up another historic first - the first ever Kuiper belt fly-by and an encounter with a chunk of rock and ice four billion miles from Earth.
On 1 January 2019, Nasa's New Horizons probe notched up another historic first: the first-ever Kuiper belt fly-by. Its target was 2014 MU69, a chunk of ice and rock about four billion miles (approximately 6.4 billion kilometres) from Earth, dubbed Ultima Thule, a Latin phrase meaning a distant, unknown region. It is the most distant fly-by in history, and it is believed the data New Horizons gathers will shed new light on the solar system's early days. Chris Lintott reports from the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland to bring the latest news and pictures from this extraordinary mission.
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MP4 | AAC VBR | 602MB
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Season 1, Episode 2 -"Meet the Parents"
Dr. Ross has his hands full when a sick dog is rushed to the clinic after eating a bag of pot; Dr. Tony and Dr. Ross help a pot-bellied pig rescue with some plus-sized problems; as Natalia and Dr. Ryan's wedding approaches, it's time to meet mom.
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Season 3, Episode 8 -"Dexter Cattle"
Passionate pig farmer Keith and budding herb grower Peter battle the temperamental British weather to get their premium product to families and friends at the long-established Blackheath Farmers' Market. Narrated by Bill Paterson..
MP4 | AAC VBR | 607MB
MP4 | AAC VBR | 1.33GB
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ƒелаем новогодний шар с фото в Photoshop (2019) WEBRip

ѕростой в использовании новогодний видеоурок по шаблону, всЄ что от вас нужно это вставить свою фотографию и подкорректировать шаблон од вашу фотографию.
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Season 02 , Episode 02 - "Burned Alive"
The Dakota Boys struggle to run their two dredges until Casey Morgan arrives, but they're soon a man down again when a crew member is savagely burned.
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Documentary following an investigation to solve the вАШJack the Stripper' murders, the biggest unsolved serial murder case in British criminal history.
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The power of Investigation Discovery's dedicated fanbase unites with legendary victims' rights advocate John Walsh to continue his lifelong mission to track down fugitives on the run and find missing children. On each hourlong episode, John tells the time-sensitive stories of two fugitives and two missing children, taking viewers on a journey through the eyes of family members, friends and authorities who are desperate for resolution. He is joined by his son, Callahan, who leads the operation on the ground, working in tandem with the community and local authorities to solve the cases.
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SWAMP OF DESPAIR (м†ИлІЭмЭШ лК™) | Awesome Mails Pro 3 v3.21 | Trudy Ramirez